Saturday, June 18, 2016

Rainbow snippet 18th and 19th June.

An unedited snippet from a manuscript we are working on. Set in Victorian England. 

Jacob Doone visits London in search of his twin brother. His only lead, a flyer advertising a production of, Dr Faustus, at the Regents Theatre. On the back  his brother had penned. Must see! M, is simply outstanding. Love J.
M, turned out to be Mephistopheles. Played by the enigmatic, Christian DeLaCroix


 “You're insatiable.” Christian laughed content to hold Jacob in his arms. The moon climbed higher providing intermittent beams of light in the tower. A slight breeze whistled through the treetops. Jacob leaned his head back to rest on Christian’s shoulder. 
“Look, Ursa Major, and there, Cassiopeia.” Jacob pointed out the constellations in the autumn sky.  
“Don’t forget the Little Bear.” Christian lifted Jacob's hand and traced the imaginary tail.
“I've stood here before but never have I enjoyed the view so much.” Jacob leaned into him. 


  1. And just which view is the "insatiable" Jacob enjoying, I wonder?

    1. Sweet Jacob only has eyes for Christian. Thank you.